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The Rock Inn, Rock – During Build


One of the largest projects Luke & Dingle have taken on lately, Brian relished the opportunity to demonstrate his team’s abilities on this high visibility show-case project. Being the ‘talk of Rock’ was an understatement as the old ‘Upper Deck’ buildings were torn down. 


The new building however has delighted all observers, fitting into the look and style of the area and showing off the quality of  local workmanship delivered to time and budget by the Luke & Dingle team.


The Rock Inn, Rock – How It Looks Today


Built on the same ‘footprint’ as the old building, the finishing is to a really high standard, allowing retailers to move in with minimal delay or disruption. 


All of the shops and restaurants have been snapped up for the 2011 season.  The Luke & Dingle team have handed the building over to another delighted customer. 












Newbuild, Holiday Home, Rock – During Build – Early Days


Willowbrook is a timber-framed house, which makes it possible to build quickly whilst retaining the usual Luke & Dingle high standards.  This house is cost effective and modern, with a spacious, open look and feel inside and out.  It will have top rated insulation and huge windows allowing in natural light. 






The Finished Article


This picture shows Willowbrook finished (on time!).  As a holiday home the natural light and space is very popular, as well as the high quality finish.  During the busy holiday season the owners were delighted to see the expected and impressively low running costs.





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