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Established 1974


Luke & Dingle was established in 1974 by Bill Dingle and Mike Luke.  These well known members of the local community built up the successful building firm and established a good reputation for Luke & Dingle.


In 1996 Brian Hawkey, a local builder born and bred, was honored to be given the opportunity to take over Luke & Dingle. Brian didn't take long to make up his mind to take on this challenge as the Luke & Dingle name and reputation and the fact it had been in business and successful since 1974 felt like real assets to him. With Tracey and new addition to the team, Denise, supporting him from the office, Brian has built the company over the last twenty years into a sound, successful and growing concern.



Local builder with 30 years of experience, building up his own business successfully from scratch and then merging it into Luke & Dingle. Brian enjoys time with his family, travelling, learning to play the guitar, (guest appearances offered!) supporting Plymouth Argyle and follows a wide variety of sport.



Worked for many years with Travis Perkins in supporting building supplies and sales before becoming involved with Luke & Dingle, so she really knows the inside line on efficiently running the back office. Tracey enjoys walking the dog Mabel, watching her house grow, seeing the world and being a busy 'Mum’. Brian and Tracey have a son, Louie who has just graduated with a 1st and is about to start his first job in Birmingham (Summer 2015).



Jack is from a family of local farmers and joined Luke & Dingle at the age of 16, originally working under Bill Dingle. He started out as a mason and can now turn his hand to many skills. Jack and his wife Jo have recently started a family and have their hands full with Harriet and Sebastian, both under the age of three.   Jack renovated his own barn recently in his spare time. He is a partner in Luke & Dingle Ltd.



The Morris 1000 open top van, furnished with the Luke & Dingle logo is as old or older than the company. She has been whizzing around the local lanes on behalf of Luke & Dingle for some years. Moggie is a real member of the Luke & Dingle family with Brian using her daily, come rain or shine.

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